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Celebrating 10 Years

Welcome to my Diary Updates!



Well, I just passed the 10 year anniversary of my death sentence on April 2019.  It has been an amazing journey of survival and Thriving despite all those highly educated 'doctors' who ALL said I'd be DEAD by now.  Go Figure.  Most of those idiots DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about Cancer, its cause or proper treatment.  They make fortunes by treating people to DEATH.  I know this sounds bitter and angry and, dammit, it IS.  If I had listened to those quacks, I WOULD be DEAD now.  To HELL with the lot of them.


I do NOT mean to disparage those true physicians and healers that care for patients and especially applaud those valiant angels in the Emergency Rooms across America.  Doctors, Nurses and Aids: all truly angels of mercy.


No, it is the money grubbing QUACKS that masquerade as Oncologists, Heart Surgeons and others who make fortunes treating patients to death while getting rich.  They have NO training or understanding of the CAUSES of Cancer and other lifestyle disease or, in my opinion, just refuse to accept the REAL CAUSE.  That Cause is Lousy Nutrition!


This diary begins again.  I have published my first 10 year diary content in my book: "Collected Essays of a Cancer Survivor ~ A Nutritional Holistic Survivor's Story



I will continue, when I have time to post updates here, but I doubt anyone reads them anyway.  We struggle to write and publish our health and wellness information but have yet to get any assistance from the many who visit our sites.


If for some reason we can somehow get a few donations and folks would buy Chef Nancy’s book, “Restoring America’s Health” we may be able to maintain a few of our sites and FB group.  It’s up to you!


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