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Cancer IS Curable NOW

Being banned is interesting in that it Proves the diabolical approach that so many of these phony 'support groups' and even the National Cancer organizations practice. They are shills for the big pharmaceutical companies to just sell more and more drugs that Seldom EVER Work. 

Today, you can Seldom Ever Trust Your Doctor!

I simply wanted to tell my story, let people ask me questions.  Never, EVER, tried to prescribe treatments, discourage treatments, just Inform and Educate.  I offered to participate in on-line video conferences where people could ask questions about some of the information I've gathered over 7 years.  I was excited to share my story, the errors and successes.  It is so sad that so many may suffer needlessly at the hands of barbaric treatments performed by a medical industry more interested in Treating You to Death than ever consider CURING anyone.

Wow, I haven't been 'banned' from anywhere before (that I know of). Now the Cancer Support Community ( gave me this message:


You have been banned for the following reason:

Advertisement for alternative treatment

Date the ban will be lifted: Never”


Interesting that a Cancer Support Community actively bans anyone wanting to discuss alternative treatments for cancer! Just proves that these idiots are in league with the medical industry that is only interested in treating you to death!


Some have questioned the veracity of my claim. Here is a screen shot! You have to enlarge to view the text in the middle.

Enlarged for Clarity!

Full Screen Shot!