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Cancer IS Curable NOW

Recently I received an email from a ‘Cancer Awareness Advocate’ named Beth. I won’t use her full name or information.  She provided a listing of “Resources for Cancer Survivors” that listed the more traditional Cancer Treatment/Research Centers but utterly FAILED to even mention many of the mainstream ‘Alternate Treatment Centers’ that mostly focused on more natural/alternative and Nutritional approaches to Healing Cancer and other Lifestyle Disease.  When I searched, I couldn’t find a list like that so I’m going to start one.  I hope you will offer more suggestions as my list is no doubt insufficient; but here it goes and in pretty random order:


Nutrition Facts

A Health Union Community Since 2017


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Center for Nutritional Studies


Templeton Wellness Foundation



Dr. Michael Karlfeldt

Integrative Naturopathic Health Center


Chris Wark Chris Beat Cancer


Gerson Institute



Burzynski Clinic


Dr. McDougall

Health & Medical Center


The Truth About Cancer

Ty & Charlene


Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Esselstyn Foundation


Dr. Dean Ornish

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine


Dr. Michael Klaper


Terminal Cancer Is a Misdiagnosis


The Healing Oasis for Those Fighting Cancer

Opening May 1, 2024


An Oasis of Healing

Comprehensive Integrative Cancer Care


LifeWorks Wellness Center


Mesothelioma Treatment






Doctors Studio


Health, Healing & Longevity


Nutritional Holistic Cancer Survivor


The goal of is to present you and your doctor with the results of the latest in peer-reviewed nutrition and health research, presented in a way that is easy to understand.


Lots of survivors and not so lucky folks here.  Join their story and share your stories.  I did mine.


The PCRM is committed to preparing next-generation physicians and other health care professionals with plant-based resources to change the future of patient care.


Providing Nutritional Training & Certification in Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition.



It is my personal mission to inspire HOPE and to provide the latest resources and information for anyone facing a similar battle or seeking cancer prevention.


The Karlfeldt Center is a comprehensive health treatment center that provides proven natural healthcare solutions for all ages and conditions.



A personal journey that turned into a Lifestyle Counseling Practice for various forms of Healing from Cancer.


The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through and organic, plant-based diet, raw juices and coffee enemas with natural supplements.


Our goal is to provide sophisticated cancer care utilizing a personalized and precision targeted immunotherapy approach.


Regain your health in less than 2 weeks with the McDougall Program




An amazing compilation of information and resources and regular conferences all over the USA.



A pioneer in reversing and preventing heart and arterial disease through nutritional means.  His approach has influenced many other in the Nutritional Health Field.


Also focused on heart disease, this approach also has application across a broad range of lifestyle ailments.



For over 40 years, I have served thousands of people on their journey to reclaim health through proper nutrition & a balanced lifestyle.


A friend, author and Germanic Healing Knowledge (GHk) practitioner and teacher.


An all-inclusive healing oasis where people with cancer can stay for an extended period of time secluded in nature while being given alternative therapies.


A Comprehensive Approach of Holistic Cancer Treatments to Restore Your Health



A comprehensive integrative oncology approach encompasses a whole-body approach.


Malignant mesothelioma treatment is individualized for each patient. The treatment plan may be focused on extending life through treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy. Although the cancer is currently considered incurable, this multimodality treatment can significantly extend life for some patients.



Transform Your Health Through Holistic, Functional and Longevity Medicine



We will help you learn about the Power of Whole Food and how it impacts Your Life, Health, Immune System and Longevity.


A Cancer Counselor for those suffering from this horrible disease.  Purely as a way to “Pay It Forward” and does not currently charge.

Art of Healing

Healing truly is an art as it combines many intuitive, creative and intellectual skills to achieve a state of being for a patient who is displaying symptoms of bodily/mental imbalance.  The healing process most often involves a combination of skills and that skill is seldom seen in a traditional medical practitioner’s office.  This booklet is intended to offer some insight to alternatives and awareness to help individuals accept and assume more control over their health, wellness and longevity.