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When I say 'Contact Me' I really mean it.  I am really here to help and not sell you anything. Sure we have several lines of business but that is largely an outgrowth of our evangelical efforts to promote Healthy Lifestyles, avoid disease and Live a Long and Healthy/Happy Life.  SO CALL if you have ANY questions!


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I had been diagnosed with agressive prostate cancer (Gleason 4 + 4) and given just a few years to live and await an agonizing death.  I CHOSE LIFE, rejected all traditional 'treatments', and adopted a Plant Based Lifestylediet and now, at 77+, I THRIVE!  I have written this series of books on my journey, and what I did to THRIVE!

Previouly Published

Collected Essays of a Cancer Survivor


This book is Skip's Story of how he is surviving a deadly diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.   Slightly revised, but not too much for earlier readers.


With a focus on healing and reversing lifestyle diseases, Skip and Chef Nancy, hope to inspire others to THINK and Research before making major medical decisions.


We founded "Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living" to help 'Restore America's Health'.  We have a book series on that subject consisting of an introducton to a Plant Based Livestylediet, the next for young adults and finally one for Seniors.  It is NEVER too late to adopt a Healthier Lifestylediet!


We are Taking it On the Road!


Are you sick and don't know where to begin to truly Change your Lifestyle?  Are you receiving or undergoing Chemo Therapy,radiation or surgery for cancer?  Do you just want to stay well and NOT get seriously sick again?  DO you need to loose weight but can never seem to stick to a diet? Do you want to embrace the Plant Based Lifestyle and gain all the benefits but don't understand how to truly get started?


Yes, like NO other Lifestyle Coaching program ANYWHERE, we will come to YOU.  Skip is a lifestyle counselor who will work to get you started on the right path to Health & Wellness.  Certified Plant Based Chef and Author, Chef Nancy, will demonstrate and teach you how to prepare easy, delicious meals in Your OWN Home Kitchen!  She has kept ME alive all these years and she can show YOU how she did it!


We ask only to be reimbursed for our travel and living expenses.  Donations are optional. 


If you would like to contribute to our efforts to help Americans improve our health, I have set up PayPal bottons to make it easy.   So, if you can find it in your hearts and pockets to provide us some help, we would REALLY appreciate the donation.  We just can't afford to continue without some help!


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