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Cancer IS Curable NOW


This piece is in response to a web article that asked a great question: "Why Do different Cancer Therapies Work:"   Amongst the reasons was attitude and support of family and friends. A positive mental attitude and HOPE is a wonderful motivator to get at the root cause. Support of family and friends is also important but the decisions MUST BE YOURS!.  Do not let a concerned family member or friend rush you into a treatment you are do not agree FULLY with. They may believe the hype from the tradition medical community that faster is better, radical is good.  Use your diagnosing physician as an initial source of reference material, ask questions and see what he/she advises.  THEN do your OWN research!


As a prostate cancer ‘holistic survivor’, I also did plenty of research. Charlotte Gerson (The Gerson Therapy) was inspirational! In all my research, there is a single common thread among most of the successful ‘cures’ for cancer (and heart disease, diabetes 2 and others), and that is PLANT BASED NUTRITION!


You don’t need all the fancy ‘therapies’ that are so often hyped on the Internet.  While many of these point you in a similar direction, the high cost/expense is uncalled for.  Many of them prey on the 'panic' that sets in after the disease/cancer diagnosis!  Same with traditional medicine, they urgently guide you into quick decisions for treatment. These debilitation 'treatments' are often worse than the disease just diagnosed.


There are plenty of books, DVD's, articles and free web sites just FULL of information on YOUR specific type of disease!  Find them, take time to read and ASK QUESTIONS!  Sometimes you just cannot trust your doctor!


The thing about most Cancer is that once diagnosed it WILL NOT KILL you tomorrow; it takes time, no matter what 'stage' of the disease!  No!  You have some time to think and meditate/pray and discuss it with family and friends.  DO NOT let the 'doctors' force you into chemo, surgery, radiation or other radical 'therapies' without doing extensive research and talking to as many cancer survivors as you can find (we are everywhere!).


Simple internet research and listening to other holistic and naturally cured survivors (there are thousands). Most of us freely share our approach and love to help others.


Gerson and most of the others focus on a healthy healing/immune system. Traditional ‘treatments’ don’t address the causality but the symptoms. You cannot poison a sick person well and that is why chemo, radiation and other debilitating ‘treatments’ fail (they may cause short term remission but they don’t cure and the cancer or whatever comes back like gangbusters!). These ‘Alternative’ treatments address the CAUSE and go about boosting the immune system and the body’s own healing systems!


Along the way, they reduce the inflammatory response to disease, increase the alkalinity of the body to naturally fight disease and FEED the cells and immune system Whole Foods that allow the body’s own systems to combat, reverse and CURE disease. At the very least (depending on diagnosis and progression) they add quality of life and usually lengthen the lifespan of almost anyone who adopts the simple rule of eating Plant Based Nutrition, elimination of processed foods, all dairy, all meat, fish and eggs from the diet.


Even if you do decide to try chemotherapy, radiation or even surgery, this lifestyle and dietary change WILL help augment these treatments and may in most cased limit the debilitating side effects!


It is NOT impossible as it first might appear. It is a wondrous nutritious and DELICIOUS way to live. Don’t believe me, just try it for 30 days, it WILL NOT kill you! It will make you feel better; even if you aren’t suffering from disease this modality/lifestyle will help PREVENT disease from occurring (no matter what the genetic predisposition!). Most genetic disease or the proclivity for a disease are caused by genetic triggers and those often are lifestyle triggers (smoking, drinking to excess, high fat and high sugar intakes).  Remember, Genetics Loads the Gun, but Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger!!


You CAN CURE yourself, with a bit of help from a Plant Based Lifestyle coach and maybe guidance from a holistic practitioner.  Learn how to not only help your body heal but how to enjoy some of the most delicious and nutritious food on the Planet!  Just ask around, there are thousands of us who want to help!



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