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Surviving Past My Expiration Date - Am I Cured?

I was diagnosed (biopsy results) on April 14th 2010. They said I'd MAYBE live 3 more years! BUT, I'm still ALIVE and kicking.  You read all the tables, articles and even listen to your doctor and they either say you have a 5 year life expectance after treatment or you are considered 'cured' simply by surviving for 5 years after diagnosis.  While it is mostly bull shit as is most of the advice from too many oncologists, it seems to be 'generally accepted in the medical community.


Well the oncologist said I probably have had the prostate cancer tumor for some time; maybe 2 to 3 years.  If that is the case, I guess I am way beyond the 5-year survivor mark? It is all mostly statistical bullshit in my opinion.  Who know how long it may have been there; probably not that long as my Gleason Score is pretty high (tumor growth rate).


Frankly, I don't give a damn what they think. The idiots gave me only 3 years to live 13+ years ago and here I am alive and kicking.  Hell, I'm healthier NOW than I was when diagnosed with my prostate cancer.  Go figure!


What does this all mean?  It MEANS that you have to LIVE your own life and not be ruled by people who really know little about what the hell they are doing!  Many articles have stated that most oncologists would NOT accept the same treatment they administer to their patients.  From debilitating/dangerous surgery to chemotherapy to radiation; all these treatment are themselves LIFE THREATENING.


Do I advise ignoring traditional 'treatment'; HELL NO.  But don't simply be directed to the radiation chamber, operating room or poison (chemo) center.  THINK and RESEARCH FIRST.  Make your OWN decisions.  Too many unfortunates have been directed and intimidated by 'doctors' who make massive profits from 'treatment' as do their partner drug companies and hospitals (also treatment centers).


I DO believe that approaches like lumpectomy and other less invasive/dangerous procedures for certain cancers may be an appropriate treatment, but hell, I'm NOT A DOCTOR.  If you elect to embark on such 'treatment'; even chemo and radiation, THINK about also adopting a Plant Based Lifestyle to support/boost your immune system as all these 'treatments' do damage to your body's natural ability to heal.


After all, you got sick because your immune systems was weakened.  Why it was weakened, sometimes you just don't know.  Could have been a disease (bacterial or virus), poor lifestyle choices, overwork, stress, or many other reasons.  Don't look back; but look forward to improving your natural defense/immune system and the body's ability to HEAL itself.


Many folks just need to examine their choices, lifestyle and dietary.  It is after all a CHOICE you are making. Let me help you on your Lifestyle Journey to Health & Wellness.  Examine how a Plant Based Lifestyle can help!


Socrates: "The unexamined life is not worth living"


Now on to the rest of what LIFE has to offer. 

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This book is Skip's Story of how he is surviving a deadly diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.  


Each article/chapter discusses different aspects of health, wellness and longevity.  With a focus on healing and reversing lifestyle diseases, Skip and Chef Nancy, hope to inspire others to THINK and Research before making major medical decisions.