Nutritional Holistic Cancer Survivor
Cancer IS Curable NOW

It is NOT a hopeless battle; Cancer is a bump in the road along the WAY called LIFE!

I'm still here!  Traveling my Path and Learning to Live, Love and Nurture!

Feeling great and getting healthier!


Introduction to a Cancer Survivor's Fight

“The government is paying cancer researchers to figure out why Americans have more prostate cancer.  They have heart disease researchers trying to figure out why we have so much heart disease.  And at the same time, government subsidies pump more cheese, more milk and more meat and more processed sugar into all of us.  There’s the answer!” Dr. Neal Barnard, MD


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Diagnosed with Cancer?

How to say NO to your 'doctor':


This IS the dilemma that so many face.  The 'doctor' says to get the cut/burn/maim/poison approach but others (like me and so many) suggest there Are Alternatives that are often MORE effective and certainly less painful/dangerous/deadly than traditional medical approaches. It is a Damned Difficult decision to reject conventional approaches when the 'doctors' are telling you that you will DIE, without their barbaric 'treatments'. To face that and say NO is a truly daunting experience; especially when family, loved ones and friends are desperate to 'save you'; often with good intentions but more often out of ignorance (and/or brainwashing by the medical industry).


When diagnosed with Cancer and being told death is on the horizon, what the hell are you supposed to do?  RESEARCH, RESEARCH and more RESEARCH to find how Alternatives can and DO work.  I decided that I would choose to LIVE, every day, one day at a time to the fullest and to hell with the quacks that wanted to slice/irradiate/poison me to death.  I decided to LIVE every day as healthy and full as possible and today, now 10 years later (7 years after the best doctors said I'd be D E A D), I'm healthier now that I was 10 years ago (and counting)! ~  GO FIGURE!


My Video Story


Healing, Health & Longevity


Released - April 2019


Collected Essays of a Cancer Survivor


This book is Skip's Story of how he is surviving a deadly diagnosis of Prostate Cancer After 11 years.


Each article/chapter discusses different aspects of health, wellness and longevity.  With a focus on healing and reversing lifestyle diseases, Skip and Chef Nancy, hope to inspire others to THINK and Research before making major medical decisions.


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We are Chef Nancy and Skip Stein and manage Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, where we offer a number of web sites, Pinterest Boards, FaceBook Groups & Pages as well as articles about Health & Wellness and longevity.  While we do this as a way to 'Pay it Forward' for all our blessings, we subsist mainly on our monthly Social Security.  This makes paying for all the web sites, software and services we require to create, maintain and monitor all these sites/pages very difficult.


We have tried to create services that people might want to pay for, but in ten (10) years we don’t even make expenses; we just cannot afford to maintain our efforts at this level. We, like everyone else, need to pay the bills, pay our property taxes and buy food!

Disease Reversal ~ Disease Prevention ~ Wellness Intervention


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Illness effects not only the patient but the entire family.  Utilizing a straightforward nutritional approach to health & healing is often difficult for the patient to explain.  We help the family understand the basics of a nutritional approach to healing. We work with you to educate your family and your doctors just what a Plant Based Lifestyle is all about.  It does not interfere with your current/planned medical treatments; it can only help them be more effective.


In many cases we have experienced and seen full reversal of many illnesses, elimination of medication/drugs and ongoing treatments.  You may save not only your life but you will save countless dollar$ no longer needed for drugs/medications.  The major side effect is more energy, better vitality, health and longevity!


It's ALL About Lifestyle!


Nutritional Cancer Survivor ~ Does That Mean I'm Cured?



You CAN feed a sick person well with Plant Based Lifestyle!


Natural Cancer Cures and Why You Don't Know About Them


Alternative Cancer Cures Exist and Have Been Suppressed

Kimberly Carter Gamble



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