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Skip Stein’s cancer survivor story began on April 14, 2010, when he went to the doctor for a biopsy. Skip actually didn’t learn that he had prostate cancer until April 24th because his doctor forgot to call and tell him that the biopsy came back positive for prostate cancer.


Shortly after he received the terrible news, Skip's doctor wanted to rush him into surgery, but they weren’t able to perform surgery at that time because Skip was overweight. Skip's doctor suggested that he have pellets placed directly into his prostate, along with radiation treatment. Being conscious of what radiation does, he asked his doctor, “doesn’t radiation cause cancer?” to which the doctor had no reply. They told him that if he did treatment he’d only live five years. If he didn’t do anything and do "watch and wait," his prognosis would drop to three years.


Having seen his father pass away from his cancer treatment by going through the conventional methods, Skip decided that he would take things into his own hands and change his lifestyle.  Searching for a prostate cancer cure, Skip and his wife Nancy, started a strictly plant based lifestyle eliminating meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.  Skip started twice weekly yoga lessons at the local New World Wellness Center in Kissimmee Florida.  He also studied and became a Reiki Level II practitioner.  When he says he ‘changed his lifestyle’ he really means it!


His wife Nancy became certified in plant-based nutrition, and is now a well-known chef, known simply as Chef Nancy. Skip began beating cancer with a plant based diet and lifestyle changes.  They noticed a dramatic change in their appearance with the plant based diet before and after. They both lost lots of weight without ‘dieting’ and have kept it off and feel better than they have in 40 years.  Nancy, who suffered from fibromyalgia and a serious arterial blockage also reversed her problems.  Along with the diet, Skip and his wife began exercising regularly and now go on regular hiking road trips to many of the USA National Parks.


Skip’s prostate cancer survivor story is just another example of how you can beat cancer with a plant based lifestyle. Be sure and give him a like and share these interviews with your friends and family.

  SPECIAL TREAT - Chef Nancy's Interview

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ( interviws Chef Nancy Stein of Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.

Reverse and Prevent Disease. 

The host for this show is Grace Chen O'Neil.  The guest is Nancy Stein. 


Chef Nancy Stein offers advice and recipes to her followers on her popular Pinterest & MeWe Sites, where she offers over 22,000 plant based recipes and tips, as well as though her several different web sites ( Working closely with her husband Skip Stein, a Nutritional Holistic Prostate Cancer Survivor, she has worked diligently to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle approach to support disease reversal and prevention.  Nancy reversed her own arterial disease, and she can show you how to do it too!   Through her classes on Plant Based Cuisine, Nancy has trained many people how to adopt healthier lifestyle choices. Nancy often offers her services Pro-Bono to many and works with some of the leading purveyors of Plant Based Lifestyle and Nutrition. These include the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Good Samaritan Village (Kissimmee Florida) and other local health and wellness focused groups.

  How Skip Stein Beat Prostate Cancer (Healthy Planet)

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  ~Sensible Hippie from Hawaii~

Interview Sep 5, 2023

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In this podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey of Skip Stein, who has triumphed over prostate cancer and embraced a Wholistic Plant-Based Approach to wellness. While Skip's insights are valuable and inspiring, it's important to remember that his experience is his own. We encourage you to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your health regimen. Each individual's health journey is unique, and personalized medical advice is crucial. Skip's story serves as a testament to the power of holistic approaches, resilience, and determination, but it's just one part of the larger conversation about health and wellness. Throughout our conversation, Skip will share his insights and experiences, offering a personal perspective on his journey to wellness. As you listen, keep in mind that his story can provide inspiration and ideas, but it's important to approach any health decisions responsibly and in consultation with your medical team.



Published January 31, 2023


Join James and Skip Stein, retired businessman and entrepreneur, as they dive into the natural healing modalities that assisted Skip in defeating a devastating cancer diagnosis. Besides making sweeping changes in his lifestyle and given three years to live, Skip focused on radically changing his diet, taking a slew of supplements while following a Gerson approach to healing.  We know his story will inspire and motivate.  The truth is, we believe that anyone can take back their health if they look in the right places and learn from nature’s laws! To learn more about the work of Skip Stein check out To learn more about the work of Chef Nancy and Skip Stein check out Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living



Health, Wellness, Longevity and Travel with Skip Stein on January 14th 2023

Integrative Cancer Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt




Filmed at The Truth About Cancer Conference in Orlando Florida, 2017


  Skip's Interview with Chris Wark (Square One Diet)





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