Nutritional Holistic Cancer Survivor
Cancer IS Curable NOW

Is there a ‘Cure’ for cancer?  Are there any truly effective ‘treatments’ for cancer?  We, who have been diagnosed with a form of deadly ‘cancer’, wonder this every single day as do our family’s, relatives and friends.


When you are diagnosed with deadly cancer what are you to do? Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, dance naked under a full moon?  It seems unlikely that ANY of these will do much good but I do like the dancing naked under a full moon as long as it is in the Summertime.  How come your medical professional seldom if ever even mentions nutrition or lifestyle as a treatment or support?  Few ever mention natural immune system response and how to assist or increase your natural ability to fight this disease like it has fought innumerable ones all your life?


No, at least none of my oncologists Ever even mentioned nutrition, diet or lifestyle as a contributing factor in my cancer or it’s treatment.  I had to dig deep, really deep, to find nutritional information about cancer, any type of cancer, although mine was aggressive prostate.  It took some digging but once I found that thread, it was much easier to follow and discover the plethora of data and information relating to a more natural approach to cancer (and many other diseases) treatment and probably prevention.  The golden thread was found and was followed.


I followed that thread right out of most all doctor’s offices and to a host of videos, cancer treatment specialists of the more natural kind; yes, physicians but ones who have rejected the nearly worthless traditional treatments that had been perversely inflicted on so many for so many years and buried under mountains of false information and lies by the big controlling pharmaceuticals and corrupt medical agencies.  Treatments that usually caused a brief respite of 5 years; so, they would be classified as ‘cured’ in medical journals but never revealed to have died soon thereafter when the cancer, usually a different form, re-cured.  This continued to make them billion$ year after year, while innocent people suffered (often needlessly) and died.


It was my journey into alternative medicine that has allowed me to survive, no Thrive, beyond my diagnosis of death from prostate cancer.  ALMOST 15 years and counting wonderful years of full health and wonderful dietary delight all with a Plant Based Lifestylediet.  Yes, it was a journey and one that took much research and work on my and my lovely wife’s behalf but we did it together.  When I made the decision to accept my death and die instead of accept the traditional and barbaric treatments conventional medicine offered it freed me to pursue, vigorously, the alternative path I would take.


I had lived a full life by the time I was 64 when I was biopsied/diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer on May 14th 2010.  My oncologist who performed that barbarous biopsy was a Dr. Melcer of Bostwick Laboratories in Orlando.  A hellhole I will never venture into again. After a few visits and discussion of possible treatments and visits with a radiologist and more, I decided that the treatment was worse than just dying and rejected it all.  That jerk of a ‘doctor’ sat there in front of my wife and I and typed into his SOAP Notes how I would begin to soon suffer horrible pain and be wheel chair bound before succumbing to a painful and agonizing death.  With that we left with my wife sobbing; never EVER to return.


The End of Torture and the Beginning of My Journey


Well, that was the start of my journey into True Health.  We had been watching a Lifetime TV show called The Incurables almost every night before bed.  The Incurables series (available on Youtube) was produced by a Hollywood production company with the focus on individuals that used alternative healing methods to improve their condition and/or reverse their illness.  It was fascinating, enjoyable, entertaining and above all informative.  It provided information that there were working alternatives to the traditional medical tyranny and barbarism and much could be found in century old medicines and foods.  Nutrition was the key!  You truly Are What You Eat!


Somewhere we discovered the new documentary Forks Over Knives and watched it.  We were amazed and how simple dietary choices could have such a major impact on your health.  Soon after we found another video, The Gerson Miracle with Charlotte Gerson.  Almost the next day we decided to give it a try; going Plant Based and following a juicing protocol.  We also cleaned out our refrigerator and pantry shelves of any and all products that even contained a hint of meat, fish, diary or egg; or any derivative.  We threw or gave it all away and it was painfully expensive but I was committed to give this a full try and see what happened.  After all, the worse it would do was kill me and I was told I was dying anyway!  Yes, Nancy joined me in my dietary change but not the juicing; she DID much of the juicing but didn’t partake that much.


I called my approach a ‘Modified Gerson Protocol’ which of consisted of juicing several times each day, alternating a green (most kale and spinach with other fruit) and carrot juice every hour all day long.  Nancy and I would prepare a big salad or other experimental meal for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Heck, it was a lot of work so kept us busy.  Fortunately, I had a pretty good remote gig for Hunt Refining Company supporting their EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) efforts. 


When I was working as a computer consultant, specializing is electronic document exchange, it was often difficult to maintain on the road but I was home, between assignments, these days so that was possible to learn and train to be on this new dietary regime.  When working out of town, I usually managed to get a room with a kitchenette so I could prepare my own breakfast, lunch (baggie) and dinner.   I could often find a place to prepare a vegan meal; heck even Chipotle has Sofritas which is organic and vegan stuff!  (Sofritas is organic, shredded tofu braised in chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos and a “blend of aromatic spices.”)


Since I was a computer consultant, specializing is electronic document exchange, it was not too difficult to maintain on the road but I was home, between traveling assignments these days so that was possible to learn and train to be on this new dietary regime.


I think we stuck to my ‘Modified Gerson Protocol’ for a month or so, then figured that I was pretty well cleaned out or cleansed after all that time.  I didn’t want to turn orange (yes people actually DO) from all the carrot juice.


Our Holistic Training Cruise


About this time, we came upon a Carnival Cruise called “Holistic Holiday at Sealeaving from Port Canaveral.  It was being well attended by some of our, now favorite, personalities and physicians.  We decided to go!  That was a Milestone, I can tell you that.  Worth every single penny and more.  On that cruise we, not only met such notables as T. Colling Campbell but many of the favorite chefs whose shows we had enjoyed on HGTV and other stations.  Each morning we would dine with someone else, not assigned seating and tables in a private (only for us Plant Based Passengers) with our own organic food supply and special vegan chefs to prepare all the meals.  At that time, our group represented about 1/4th of the total passengers, about 450 people plus staff.


This was not just any cruise!  Although we had the run of the ship and all activities and dining, our group was special, well at least separated from all the other passengers for our activities. These activities started early on deck with Yoga, Pilates or Qigong. 


After a lovely breakfast, where the initial conversation past your name and where are you from, was typically like: “What are you dying from?” Yes, it sounds morbid but most of us actually were dying from something some doctor told us; but were here to explore our alternatives.  It was amazing how many different deadly diseases there truly are.


The rest of the morning was class, a couple of different ones.  Often there were conflicts so Nancy would attend one and I the other and exchange info/notes after.  Two each morning and two each afternoon, none repeating!


During those classes we managed to meet several of the wonderful presenters; many were accomplished plant-based chefs.  Among them was Christina Perillo, a marvelous Italian plant-based chef with whom we remain friends today.


We learned so much in so many different disciplines.  From cooking and food choices to meditation and lifestyle practices.  Those seven days flew by, I can tell you that. Each evening we would meet up on deck for, not a cocktail party (although alcohol was allowed, it was not encouraged) but a social. One night a dairy-free ice cream party another a ‘pizza’ party to expose us to the alternatives to traditional foods, that might taste similar.


While we were allowed to explore and experience the total ship, most of us were too busy to do so.  Mostly we were occupied with classes, food and socializing.  Constantly exploring different ways people were finding alternatives to traditional medicine that worked and how.  Little did we know that this was starting the foundation of what would become our company, Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.


We learned so much and experience so many new and delicious recipes that Nancy, who had cooked little in our 25 years of marriage at that time, began to invade my space, the kitchen.  We later went on that cruise again, but out of Miami.  It had gotten so large they had to upgrade the ship size for more passengers on that cruise.  That time we took 6 other couples from our cooking classes; but that is another story.


Nancy Becomes a Plant Based Chef


Inspired by Christina Perillo with T. Colin Campbell and many others and focused on my health, Nancy decided to enroll in T. Colling Campbell’s course and get Certified in Plant Based Nutrition to become a Plant-Based/Vegan Chef.  I did NOT see that one coming!


When you realize that someone loves you enough to entirely change their life and lifestyle just so you might, MIGHT, live a while longer is an amazing and astounding thing to behold.  But darn if she didn’t just do it!  Chef Nancy was born! And with that, the foundation of our new company, Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.  I have seldom seen the kitchen since!  But this is about my journey into health and we will delve more into our company and such later.


Venture into Yoga


During all my research and what I saw and learned on our Holistic Holiday at Sea, I learned that diet/nutrition was not enough.  One must address the total body/mind relationship.  Yes, I was finally learning how my body truly works!  I hardly believe it myself but I found and joined a morning yoga practice in a Wellness Center in Kissimmee; not far from our home.  I had NO Clue what I was doing and had only seen such activity on our recent cruise but was intrigued.


I bought a yoga mat and exercise clothes and attended my first session.  I had NEVER done regular exercise or much of anything.  I was well overweight and unhealthy; and that was besides the cancer!  I must have looked like an obese whale walking in those doors.  Just me and about 13 women and I stood there looking lost, I’m sure.  The instructor, later my dear friend, Nicole Georgi-Castello at New World Wellness, now relocated to Gainesville Florida, must have thought “Wow, this is going to be a challenge!”.


Well, it sure was, for both of us.  I had no idea what I was or was going to do.  Yet, Nicole, ever patient and nurturing, was always there to encourage me and the others in our morning group.  I attended on Tuesdays and Thursdays for many months.  Later, Chef Nancy and I would provide cooking classes and catered events to expose many to the joys of plant-based dining and lifestyle.


Life Continues


Needless to say, I continued to live, not only live but thrive.  I was beginning to truly feel the full benefits of this Plant Based Approach to eating, living and health.  And so was Nancy.  We both were losing weight without being on a ‘diet’ and both having more energy that we EVER did in the past and hell, we were over 60; go figure.


Nancy had been having some arterial issues with tests in the past in just 2008.  Now a recent test (2021) shows total clarity and all arteries.  Wow, two for one!  We are both benefiting amazingly well.


I still had no illusions, maybe just another year or so, but damn, I felt GOOD.  I had a dear, Paul C. Schulte high-school friend, Carl Smude, who later became a dentist in Terre Haute Indiana who visited Tampa a few times but we never hooked up; just chatted occasionally on the phone or via email.  He talked about taking a “Trip Out West” as he had never really traveled much.  Turns out he also had cancer and wasn’t doing all that well.  I tried to explain what I was doing but he wouldn’t hear of it.  Later he died; never having completed that “Western Journey”.


I told Nancy about it and said I wanted to do what Carl never did.  While I had traveled across the USA, Canada and Mexico and worked in Hong Kong and Worked and Traveled in Europe, I had never truly seen the USA and the West.  Yes, I lived in Houston, Texas but that was hardly the Wild West and mountains.  I had recently bought a new 2012 Smart Car to save money and besides it was cute and only needed the oil changed every 10,000 miles! Safe too!


Our First Road Trip


I started planning a trip.  I had purchased Microsoft Streets & Trips (now unavailable) so used it to detail plan every day.  I was a project manager and data analyst so thought I was prepared for this planning.  Man did I plan, every day, every road and every hotel/motel along the way, even some of the restaurants where we would eat.  Made reservations all across the USA for over a 4-week trip.  If we were going, we were going to do it right.


Boy did I plan.  Bought an electric cooler that would plug into our cigarette lighter and a trailer-hitch platform for luggage in the back. I had a custom canvas cover made to protect our luggage and containers.  After all, we were now Vegan and there weren’t’ many places to dine along the way, especially out west.  After much packing (way too much), we turned the keys over to neighbors and our daughter and headed out.  I actually thought I knew what I was doing.  Boy, arrogance will get you every time.


Things went well for the first couple of days, until we hit Houston and stayed with my dearest friend Karen Roach. She had been gracious enough to let us stay with her for a day or two; even though we were ‘vegan’ and would cook/prepare our own meals.  Well, Karen and Nancy hit it off and we ended up staying a few more days to visit Houston which Nancy had only visited before we got married many years previously.  Man had Houston changed, all highways and traffic.


Well, staying those extra days sure put the kibosh on all those painfully and detailed reservations!  Luckily, I had made them all through a planning service and was able to cancel them all at once.  Boy that was a big save.  I learned then and there to make reservations just a day or so in the future.  Seldom are places/cities fully booked (although we did find Ashville North Carolina totally booked one time).


I have discussed the rest of this amazing first trip in another story/book (Our First Road Trip), so will not go further here.  I also created a different web site for Road Tripping USA if you are interested.


The Beginning of Health and Our Company


Nancy and I had a glorious trip of 43 days and over 10,000 miles across the Western USA.  While driving all those miles we had plenty of time to sightsee and talk.  We stopped often, sometimes for days at different locations when we found a great one.  We stuck to our strict plant-based eating style all the while. Surprising us, we found many a restaurant that could or would serve us basically plant based meals; there were always good salads without cheese.  We had discovered the app, Happy Cow, early on and found it essential to surviving plant based on our road trip.


We discussed how we could communicate our knowledge and experience and my very LIFE to our family and others.  Since I had my own Sub-S Company for many years, I knew something about setting such thing up so we decided to start another company to keep finances separate and provide Nancy a home base of financial operation and decided to call it Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.  And that as they say is THAT.


We continue today and have expanded into many web sites and ventures as well as a publishing/writing careers.  Now so many years after those idiot/assholes said I’d be dead, I am here, with Nancy, writing this and trying to communicate wellness and wellbeing to others.


Finally, the PROOF of LIFE and the Truth About Cancer!


I have already written a series of books about my journey with cancer.   Please enjoy them and our other books, articles and sites: