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Celebrating 10 Years

Welcome to my Diary Updates!



Time flys when you are having fun and busy!

Since moving to our new home in Winter Haven Florida, we have finally gotten things put away and are enjoying our new surroundings, neighbors and activities.  We have been invited to speak/present and have a table at numerous Health Fairs (both Villages as well as companies).  We just reliased our third book in our "Restoring America's Health Series" and hope it will be well received.  Since many of you are seaoned citizens, this book is for you:



We have also begun a new project: "The Longevity Zone Project" targeted to help our neighbors.  So many are sick and dying it is dreadful and it seems we are the only ones promoting Health, Wellness and Longevity in the area.  I guess that is why we are getting so many requests to talk at Health Fairs in the area.  So far, we have been plesantly supprised by the requests but, unfortunately, most of the residents of these 'Retirement Communities' we have visited are very resistant to any change; even if it may mean improving their health, without all those horrible prescription drugs.


Nancy and I bought two new bikes for our 34th wedding aniversary and ride several times each week in addition to our evening walks after dinner. Now that it is getting cooler, it is much more conducive to walking and we will be hiking in many or the parks and preserves near us.




I must first apologize for the long time since I posted here.  I still don't believe anyone reads this but want to update it just in case.  My full 10 year diary was moved to my recent book "Collected Essays of a Cancer Survivor".


It has been really busy since we moved to Winter Haven Florida, a new house and new friends.  A wonderful time but hectic.  Moving is always a chore and this was no exception.  But we are pretty much settled and loving it!


We are also getting busy!  WAY busier than ever when we were in Orlando.  We have done seminars and talked to so many great people.  We have done health fairs and are scheduled for several more. We will be giving monthly presentations near the Aurburndale Market for the next several months, into 2020. We are scheduled for several more 'Health Fairs' and even a corporate health fair next month.


We found a pretty good new 'doctor show' called "New Amsterdam" that features a doctor who actually wants to heal/cure people and eschews all the money grubbing succubi that permeate the medical profession.  Heck, in an early episode he just fired the entire Cardiac Unit!  Love it!  This proves that America IS waking up to the medical malpractice and malfeasance that permeates that industry.  They wouldn't make this show unless people would watch and watch they will because it reinforces what many/most already know; that the current medical industry is corrupt.


So, we ROCK ON and will continue to Pay it Forward as long as we can.  Still broke but doing what we can.  If you can find it in your hearts and wallets to lend a hand, we sure would appreciate it!  You can help by Clicking Here!


Just a final note.  We have had one, JUST ONE, person contribute in all these years and she, God Bless Her, continues to donate $10.00 each month like clockwork.  We have never met, she has asked for nothing but an exchange of thoughts, ideas and suggestions.  That is one generous and wonderful lady! Can YOU help?





Well, I just passed the 10 year anniversary of my death sentence on April 2019.  It has been an amazing journey of survival and Thriving despite all those highly educated 'doctors' who ALL said I'd be DEAD by now.  Go Figure.  Most of those idiots DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about Cancer, its cause or proper treatment.  They make fortunes by treating people to DEATH.  I know this sounds bitter and angry and, dammit, it IS.  If I had listened to those quacks, I WOULD be DEAD now.  To HELL with the lot of them.


I do NOT mean to disparage those true physicians and healers that care for patients and especially applaud those valiant angels in the Emergency Rooms across America.  Doctors, Nurses and Aids: all truly angels of mercy.


No, it is the money grubbing QUACKS that masquerade as Oncologists, Heart Surgeons and others who make fortunes treating patients to death while getting rich.  They have NO training or understanding of the CAUSES of Cancer and other lifestyle disease or, in my opinion, just refuse to accept the REAL CAUSE.  That Cause is Lousy Nutrition!


This diary begins again.  I have published my first 10 year diary content in my book: "Collected Essays of a Cancer Survivor ~ A Nutritional Holistic Survivor's Story



I will continue, when I have time to post updates here, but I doubt anyone reads them anyway.  We struggle to write and publish our health and wellness information but have yet to get any assistance from the many who visit our sites.


If for some reason we can somehow get a few donations and folks would buy Chef Nancy’s book, “Restoring America’s Health” we may be able to maintain a few of our sites and FB group.  It’s up to you!


Please Donate if You Can!